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Ep. 25: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 11

Trinaska doesn't want to harsh her mellow. Ghost is an enabler. Hargnar misses dinner, but gets a round of applause.

Ep. 24: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 10

Hargnar gives a compliment. Trinaska gets everyone's attention. Ghost sees some paintings.

Ep. 23: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 9

Trinaska names a plant. Ghost takes a Juul break. Hargnar gives a standing ovation.

Ep. 22: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 8

Ghost runs into an old acquaintance. Hargnar hates vegetables. Trinaska breaks a personal record.

Ep. 21: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 7

Trinaska doesn't want to wake up. Hargnar's mouth tastes like metal. Ghost threatens a gremlin.

Ep. 20: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 6

Trinaska has a cold. Ghost steals a clutch. Hargnar eats a floor hot dog.

Ep. 19: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 5

Hargnar senses evil afoot. Ghost gets a core workout. Trinaska names her daggers.

Ep. 18: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 4

Trinaska buys khaki overalls. Ghost tries to steal a hot dog for Hargnar. Hargnar hugs a stranger.

Ep. 17: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 3

Ghost doesn't dream. Hargnar forgets he's hungry. Trinaska demands to touch balls.

Ep. 16: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 2

Ghost argues with a statue. Hargnar wears several bowties. Trinaska wants more clothes.


Trinaska is out of commission. Ghost extends an uncomfortable invitation. Hargnar eats all the table bread. Cal takes some Claritin-D. Recorded on location from Portland, Oregon at XOXO 2018! Special thanks to StreamPDX for use of their AirStream portable podcast studio. CW: Brief mention of dead animals at 25:55.

Ep. 15: Acrylic on Canvas – Part 1

Trinaska climbs up a lamp post. Ghost steals a kebab. Hargnar washes his hands in a fountain.

Ep. 14: Interlude on the Jasper Reckless – Part 2

Trinaska says a prayer. Ghost doesn't like parties. Hargnar gets a new toy.

Ep. 13: Interlude on the Jasper Reckless – Part 1

Hargnar gets in a fight. Ghost gets caught sneaking around. Trinaska does some pranks.

Ep. 12: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 7

Ghost gets a new toy. Trinaska does a swear. Hargnar gets a pat on the head.

Ep. 11: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 6

Hargnar grapples with his past. Trinaska casts Cloud of Daggers. Ghost is jealous of a sword. Andrew decides he'll never record the outro while everyone is in the studio with him again.

Ep. 10: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 5

The gang ventures into the lighthouse! Trinaska smells books. Hargnar gets in a fight. Ghost admires a chameleon.

Ep. 9: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 4

The gang continues the search for Chip Cooper and runs into some old acquaintances of Ghost's.

Ep. 8: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 3

Trinaska casts a spell. Hargnar tries diplomacy. Ghost loses her patience.

Ep. 7: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 2

The gang fights some water elementals on their way to the mysterious lighthouse.

Ep. 6: The Great Lighthouse of Venzor – Part 1

Everyone levels up! We also made Savannah cry and felt bad about that.

Ep. 5: The Jasper Reckless – Part 2

Hargnar can't sleep. Trinaska finds a room to cry in. Ghost takes a sip of beer.

Ep. 4: The Jasper Reckless – Part 1

Trinaska tries to befriend some beefy pirates. Ghost shoots some sharks. Hargnar flexes.

Ep. 3: Sea and Stars – Part 3

The gang journeys into the vault at the heart of the mysterious ruins.

Ep. 2: Sea and Stars – Part 2

The gang discovers they may not be alone as they search ancient ruins for treasure.

Ep. 1: Sea and Stars – Part 1

Setting sail to a mysterious island, Hargnar Beefbone, Trinaska Oreth, and Ghost search for treasure! Follow us on Twitter @questquestpod!

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